11th Wild About Animals
For Pets and People
April 3, 2010



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  Christina Bowers and Crystal Hazel of the Animal Medical Hospital were giving away free candy and various other goodies.

Animal Medical Hospital
  Lucy and Ciera of Metzger Animal Hospital had a dramatic display of every kind of creepy-crawly that could latch onto a pet.

Metzger Animal Hospital
  Maybe your pet doesn't need medical attention, but it would enjoy a good time at the Royal Pet Resort. (That's Trish at the table.)

Trish and the Royal Pet Resort
  Veronica Silliman of Art in Acrylics paints pets and wildlife. At WAA, she provided a working example by creating a picture during the course of the exhibit.

Veronica Silliman drawing
  The Pet Stop has the fences to help keep your pet home.

Pet Stop
  If you're considering a new home, Michelle Swope of Keller Williams Advantage Realty is a licensed real estate broker who can help ensure that you find a pet-friendly house.

Michelle Swope
  Relax and enjoy that ride via Restless Winds Carriage Service.

Restless Winds Carriage Service
  Jennifer of Lincoln Caverns was handing out discount tickets for visiting the caverns.

Lincoln Caverns
  Animal-related artwork and gifts here.

  One day I'll remember to bid in the silent auction.

Silent Auction

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