11th Wild About Animals
Centre Wildlife Care
April 3, 2010



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  The exhibition Wild About Animals has been developed to support Centre Wildlife Care (CWC), a nonprofit organization devoted to wildlife rehabiliation.

The following sign is an excellent overview of what CWC accomplishes.

CWC sign
  Here are Karen Kuhn, Robyn Graboski (who runs CWC), Tracy Kuhn, and Steven the Hognose snake.

Karen Kuhn, Robyn Graboski, Tracy Kuhn, and Steven the Hognose snake
  There is more than one Robyn at CWC. Here's another Robyn holding a tortoise for petting.

Robyn and tortoise
  This was Isis the peregrin falcon's first visit to Wild About Animals.

  Last year I photographed Isis outside, when Robyn brought her to Millbrook Marsh.

  Do peregrin falcons enjoy candy? Richard seems willing, but Karen appears to have a few doubts.

  Among the variety of items on sale were WAA T-shirts, which were donated by Animal Graphics and designed by Amanda Maser.

WAA T-shirt
  Contrary to popular belief, Robyn occasionally sits down.


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