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April 3, 2010



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  Angela Shade and Brooke Dysard (from Huntingdon, PA) had the table for AB&C Small Animal Rescue. ABC is a nonprofit organization that specializes in rescuing and keeping for adoption small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, and so on).

ABC Small Animal Rescue
  Melissa, Lisa, and Liz ran the table for Nittany Beagle Rescue, with Lisa and Liz shown holding rescued beagles.

Nittany Beagle Rescue
  Here are three generations of the Fondas behind Fonda's Foundlings.

Fonda's Foundlings
  Fonda's Foundlings rescues and keeps cats for adoption. Here is a current listing of cats for adoption.

Fonda's Foundlings sign
  The Gypsy Palace Ranch breeds gypsy horses.

Gypsy Palace Ranch
  Centre County PAWS rescues and has for adoption both cats and dogs. Sue (a PAWS volunteer) is talking to Kim, who is running the PAWS table.

Centre County PAWS
  With the great logo-name, Pets Come First, anyone would be happy.

Pets Come First
  The PA Ferret Rescue Association (PFRA) table was run by Tammy and Amanda, and their ferrets were big hits (or should I say, pets?).

  Would you like to pet a ferret?

PFRA petting
  Everyone enjoys petting ferrets.

More PFRA petting

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