11th Wild About Animals
Shaver's Creek
April 3, 2010



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Shaver's Creek


  Shaver's Creek Environmental Center had a popular exhibit.

The center has many raptors (that cannot be released because of injury), as well as other exhibits. The center also offers bird walks and various educational programs.

Shaver's Creek exhibit
  Jen Brackbill of Shaver's Creek is holding a black rat snake.

Jen Brackbill holding black rat snake
  Elise of Shaver's Creek is kneeling so that a child can see the tiny screech owl.

Child level view of a screech owl
  A closeup of Elise and the screech owl.

Elise and screech owl
  A screech owl portrait.

Screech owl
  Jen and a great horned owl.

Jen Brackbill and great horned owl
  A great horned owl portrait.

Great horned owl
  A water moccasin was part of the Shaver's Creek exhibit. Jen told me that copperheads (which are quite poisonous) are found in Pennsylvania.


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