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April 3, 2010



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  Right before the opening of WAA, Kylee the Camel (brought by Scott Summey) enjoyed a gentle nose rub.

Kylee the Camel
  Also before the opening, Kylee the Camel and Onyx the Kissing Horse enjoyed a moment together, while Melissa Deines supervises.

Kylee and Onyx
  After the opening, Onyx had a constant line of visitors.

Onyx the Kissing Horse and friends
  Kylee was no slouch either for attracting people. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to hug a friendly camel?

Kylee hug
  Courtesy of T&D, a Bengal tiger (the largest animal at the WAA and having a huge multilevel cage) was another popular attraction.

Bengal tiger
  T&D is an exotic and wild animal refuge that has nearly 40 acres of forest for its animals and enclosures. Its sign states T&D's purpose very well.
T and D sign
A closeup of the T&D Bengal tiger.

Tiger portrait

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