11th Wild About Animals
April 3, 2010



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  Zippy, the 3WZ Zebra, made another appearance this year - and is willing to offer that special hoof to help make someone happy.

Zippy the 3WZ Zebra
  Mr. or Ms. Pretzel Factory has an incredible attraction.

Mr. or Ms. Pretzel Factory
  And if you paid attention to the photo above, you'd notice the 3WZ Zebra, Robyn, and one of the two Easter Bunnies. (That's Ann Echols as the Easter Bunny.)

Here's Lauren Ritchie as the second of the two Easter Bunnies.
Lauren Ritchie
Notice the terrific face painting for the Easter Bunny.

Lauren Ritchie as Easter Bunny
  Ever wonder who made all those announcements during WAA? That was Phill Becker.
Phill Becker

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