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April 3, 2010



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  Marian Goldstine brought her macaw Petie.

Marian and Petie
  Petie not only has vibrant color but also a lot of personality.

Petie on Marian
  Here's some information about Petie:

Petie the Macaw sign
  And here's a Petie portrait.

Petie portrait
  Karl Striedieck is a longtime State College falconer. Although Karl didn't keep a hawk this year, he borrowed a red-tailed hawk from a friend for WAA.

The point of Karl's falconry is to keep an immature red-tailed hawk over winter, teach it to hunt, and then release the hawk in the spring.

Karl Striedieck and red-tailed hawk

Following is an outdoor photograph from the previous winter: Zoey the red-tailed hawk is returning to Karl's lure.

Zoey returning to Karl Striedieck

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