Great-Spangled Fritillary
Speyeria cybele
Below-wing view of a Pennsylvania butterfly
July 5, 2010

  Four years ago I had a good photo of the above-wing view of a great-spangled fritillary; two weeks ago I got a series of below-the-wing views of the great spangled while it was enjoying thistle nectar.
Great-spangled fritillary
  The great-spangled fritillary is a moderately large butterfly, about the size of a monarch.

The next photo is somewhat soft, but I like the transparency effect in the wings.

Great-spangled fritillary
  Thus far this spring has been pretty good for butterflies. Perhaps the poison sprayed to wipe out the gypsy moths a couple of years ago is no longer affecting the butterfly population.

Photo note: The photos were taken in June 25, 2010, with the Pentax K20D and the SMC 1000mm reflex lens. The great-spangled fritillary is shown perhaps a little larger than life size; the northern pearly-eye is about twice or larger than life size.

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