American Lady
Vanessa virginiensis
May 16, 2010

  The American Lady is a modest-size butterfly and a joy to see.
American Lady, wings open
  The top-of-wing view of the American Lady is very similar to the Painted Lady; however, the underwing of the American Lady has two large "eyes," whereas the Painted Lady has four small ones.

Backlighting and translucent wings make the view ov the partially closed wings of the American Lady a little difficult, but the two large eyes (those circular patterns) can clearly be seen.

American Lady, wings closed
  Following is a recent photo (from May 2014) that shows the two hindwing eyes better.
American Lady, wings up
  Counting the eyes becomes important, since the very similar painted lady has four eyes on its hindwing.

Photo note: I used the Pentax K20D, with the SMC-DA 55-300mm lens, for the first two photos, taken on May 15, 2010. The third photo, on May 13, 2014, was with the Sigma 150-500mm lens.

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