Wild About Animals, 2018
The 19th Annual Event

at the Ag Arena, State College, PA
Mar. 31, 2018

Centre Wildlife Care (CWC), in association with SEAC (Small and Exotic Animal Club), hosted the 19th annual Wild About Animals event on March 31, 2018, in support of Centre Wildlife Care, a nonprofit organization devoted to wildlife rehabiliation.
Wild About Animals 2018

The exhibitors on the main floor covered everything from wildlife rehabilitation to small pet care and services.

After missing last year's Wild About Animals, Onyx the Kissing Horse made a very welcome return.

Onyx the Kissing Horse

Animals from the petting zoo of Restless Winds Farm occasionally joined the visitors for that special pet.
Restless Winds Farm sheep petting

Talking about falconry, Fran Gray was (again) a popular exhibitor.
Fran Gray and falconry

Upstairs in addition to various games, face painting, and crafts, the Penn State Entomology exhibit Wild About Bugs returned and generated much pleasure.
Wild about Bugs

For the 19th annual event, I've a public FB album (open to everyone) of over a hundred twenty photos featuring the merry highlights from WAA. Following are links for Wild About Animlals from previous years:

The photos and text are put together by me for Robyn Graboski. Any mistakes, omissions, errors, and so forth are all my own.

For more information on Robyn's wildlife rehabiliation, please visit her site Centre Wildlife Care.

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