My winning
pipe design
at Le Nuvole

Le Nuvole, owned by Maurizio Tombari, an Italian pipe maker, sponsored the first web pipe design competition, which ended 1 May 2000 and for which he has a winner's page. First prize in the contest is the realization of the design by Maurizio. (Update of 12 June 2000: I've added a page of Maurizio's realized pipe.)

Voting was by email, and one of the voters (Craig McLeod, in this first contest) of the winning design will also receive a pipe made from the design. Maurizio is also to make a third copy of the design which will be up for general sale at his site.

Below is my winning entry, a handsome hexagon-shaped pipe with a slight twist. It also features an inlay. (Hey! There's nothing like presenting a challenge!)

4 views of a hex pipe

My sincere and happy thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Aside from Maurizio's contest, his site Le Nuvole is exceedingly handsome: quick to load, clean pages, gorgeous pipes, reviews from happy smokers, and so forth.

His theme comes from a line of poetry:

Pipes, like clouds,
unrepeatable and light in weight.

Le Nuvole is well worth a visit!

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