Notes for Chicken Little Saves the Earth

Version 1.4 and Version 2.0

  July 4, 2008. Version 2.0 (it only took 6 years to get there): I added a fourth alien (the dread Dumbbells) and a high score box (which tracks the highest score during a session). Consequently, the game has increased in size by about 10K, which shouldn't be much for either DSL or dial-up connections. However, I left version 1.4 active, since it has been around so long, and perhaps some people enjoy it.

May 12, 2002. Version 1.4: I added my own preloader and made a few cuts to shave off some 11K or so from the game (which is down to 62K). This will allow me to add a fourth alien type without much of a download addition.

March 20, 2002. Version 1.3: Better falling motion and an improved tree growth cycle.

March 16, 2002. Version 1.2: Falling aliens "bounce" off extreme edges, rather than slither down an edge.

March 14, 2002. Version 1.1: Increased the number of levels to 27.

March 10, 2002. Version 1: This is a shoot 'em up with an environmental theme! I'm nearly done with a larger version of the game, probably or hopefully shareware, with more levels and more aliens, so feedback is always appreciated.

You can win a gold, silver, bronze, or purple heart egg, or, if you do poorly enough, wind up with a destroyed Earth and a broken egg.

Alien enemies are placed at random, so there should be a decent variation from game to game.

Flash 5 animations run on both Mac and PC. If you don't have the Flash 5 plug-in, it is a fast download.

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