Primrose Moth
Schinia florida
Aug. 3, 2014

  While out walking last week, I noticed something incredibly pink on a yellow flower. I could not decide whether it was a petal or a moth.

After taking a few photos for documentation, I touched the "pink," object, which readjusted its wings (a "yuck, touched by a human" moment). It was definitely a moth, and I proceeded to take many more photos.

Schinia florida
  The moth turned out to be one of the easiest IDs I ever had, via I mean, how many bright pink moths are there?
Primrose moth
  The moth is a primrose moth (Schinia florida, Hodges#11164). The ID was confirmed by the site Butterflies and Moths of North America.

Photo note: I took the photos on July 29, 2014, with the Pentax K20D and the SMC-A* 200mm macro lens.

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