Hobomok (a skipper)
Poanes hobomok
June 15, 2013

  Coming across (what is for me) a new butterfly is a treat, and so I felt very good after photographing a Hobomok skipper (Poanes hobomok). Photos and a field guide are invaluable aids to butterfly identification. Of course, checking on the web afterward to confirm an ID has a good feeling about it too.

A butterfly doesn't always cooperate in terms of having its picture taken, so I generally begin with a long lens.

Hobomok skipper
  Next comes the harder part: Moving in closer to use my macro lens.
Hobomok skipper
  The make-or-break point of ID was having a photo with the Hobomok's wings up. The dark border on the outside edges is a good identifier.

Hobomok skipper, wings up
  As for size, I'd say about a thumbnail (in comparison to a least skipper, which would be a pinky nail).

The final questions are, Why the name "Hobomok"? Was this skipper named after an Indian for a particular reason?

Photo note: I used the Pentax K20D, with the Sigma 150-500mm lens (first photo) and the Voigtlander 125mm macro lens (photos 2 and 3), on 5 June 2013.

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