Common Buckeye
Junonia coenia
Aug. 14, 2011

  A quiet and peaceful walk suddenly became exciting two days ago on my first encounter with the common buckeye (Junonia coenia). It is a strikingly beautiful butterfly!
Common buckeye
  The common buckeye is also one of the easiest identifications I had (after I got back home). From what I've read, the farther south one goes, the more common this butterfly becomes. By the time one reaches Florida, the buckeye is a year-round resident.

But whether the common buckeye is common or uncommon in State College, Pennsylvania, does not take away from its remarkable colors. Even the underwing view is gorgeous.

Common buckeye, under wing view
  The common buckeye is a medium-size butterfly, and I could see its "eyes" on first sighting without any problem. So it is a beauty whether seen in person or seen through a macro photo.
Common buckeye
  The buckeye was also a very cooperative model, willing to linger in the area while I could overindulge in portraits. But no matter how many photos I took last Friday, I hope I encounter the buckeye again.

Photo note: I used the Pentax K20D, with the Voigtlander 125mm macro lens, on August 12, 2011, for these photos. They're all reduced 33 percent or more. What a temptation to show them full size!

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