Eastern Tailed-Blue
Everes comyntas
September 5, 2010

  The eastern tailed-blue (Everes comyntas) is in the butterfly family Blues, except that the female eastern tailed-blue is dark gray/purple when seen with her wings open.

The tails on either hindwing is a true identification aid.

Female eastern tailed-blue, wings open
  The tailed-blue is a smallish butterfly, about the size of a thumb nail.

With her wings in a semiopen position, the purple is clearer.

Female eastern tailed-blue, wings semiopen
  With her wings closed, the wings are white, more or less, but with a delicate pattern and two orange spots (and a few orange itty-bitty ones).
Female eastern tailed-blue, wings closed
  Here is a clearer photo of the eastern-tailed blue, with her wings closed.
Female eastern tailed-blue, wings closed
  She has beautiful eyes.

Photo note: I used the Pentax K20D, with the Voigtlander 125mm macro lens, for these photos, taken in August 2010.

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