Red-Spotted PurpleJune 7, 2009

  The beautiful red-spotted purple butterfly has a striking pattern whether its wings are opened or closed. It's also associated with the white admiral, and there are any number of variants between the two species.

About two-thirds the size of a monarch, the red-spotted purple has a top view of vivid black with iridescent blue.

Red-spotted purple, open wings
  According to my ID books, the orange spots should be more toward the front wingtips than on the bottom wings. I suppose the above butterfly has a small mixture of white admiral.

The closed-wing view has various orange spots on black. Naturally, the blue trim increases its attraction.  

Red-spotted purple, closed wings
  I see by photos of previous years, early June is the most typical time for me to come across red-spotted purple butterflies. For instance, the first photo was taken today, June, 7, 2009, and the second photo was taken on June 10, 2008.

Photo note:Although I used the Pentax *1st D for both photos, I forget which lens I used a year ago. For the first photo, I used the Voigtlander 125mm macro lens.

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