3D Artwork
and Ray Dream Designer


Before computers it was tough enough to paint or draw in two dimensions, let alone three. But there it is, 3D software, perhaps one of the more popular genres to come about; nevertheless, as much fun as Ray Dream is, it's even more a pleasure animatin' in Ray Dream Studio.
At the time, I thought what could be easier than lathing a freehand pipe (smoking pipe, that is, as in tobacco). Was I ever mistaken! Nevertheless, I found the concept of designing my own pipes to be fascinating (especially with a suitable pseudo-history):
Argo: The pipe of UlyssesMy first "natural" texture pipe
The star of FinlandA classy photo rendering
Pipe of the axA rough-hewn freehand
Head RansomEgil Skallagrimsson's pipe
Pohjolan tytärA woman's pipe (with jewelry)
Odin's spearA weapon of a pipe
Leonardo Da VinciDiscovery of a masterpiece
StarshipsSmoke the universe in style

Look Out!