Walking in weather: 3

On the final approach to the summit, we had a fair view toward the east, which was blocked by the shoulder of the mountain. And the sky looked just as bad toward the east as it did the north. Nevertheless, with the ascent basically behind us, we enjoyed the view of clouds clashing with mountains.

Helvellyn pan

The peak is toward the left; the closing weather, the right -- if you haven't guessed.

Helvellyn 5

The temptation is to yell, "Surf's up!" as low-lying clouds move in.

The summit of Helvellyn has an intelligently structured windbreak, so no matter the direction of the wind, you can enjoy a view in peace. Of course, with the various parties traveling south or traveling north or with the various rock climbers who take a break to view the summit, a walker could be hard-pressed just to find a sitting spot anywhere on the windbreak, not to mention the immediate vicinity of the ridge.

That day, however, we had it all to ourselves--and enjoyed a good half-hour of sky show. But while we were packing to leave, the weather closed in for good. Stinging sleet encouraged us to find a rather quicker way down than we'd normally prefer.

Helvellyn 6

Sue is a little blue in the coming storm.

But we still made it to a pub.

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