Extras of the Ten-
or Nine- or Eight-Hour Tour

One of the more pleasant sights along the tour is the Icelandic pony (and each one has its own home, not to mention five gaits). If your tour guide is unhappy, you can watch the ponies from the bus.

Icelandic pony
(from the tour bus)

If you have a traveler from Austria with you, odds are that the bus will stop and you can photograph the ponies to heart's content. Very pretty.

Pony portrait
(in person)

Then there are the odd stops and the random snaps and the thought, "I'll never forget the name of this." Ha!

An unknown

For other pictures and information of all sorts concerning Iceland:

  • You could visit Ed Jackson's A Collection of Icelandic Photographs (though its name keeps changing, the site becomes more and more comprehensive), a list of links to various sites having photos of . . . Iceland and much more.

  • An alternative, within these pages, is my series on Whooper Swan necking in Tjörnin, Reykjavík; a classy photo of a Whooper; and, for the literary minded, a little piece on Snorri, Iceland's first world-class writer.

  • Harpa Hreinsdottir and her students have an interesting set of pages on Icelandic medieval literature.

  • And for a total overview of everything Icelandic, try Virtually Virtual Iceland. Also, Eye on Iceland has many features.

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