Bayard Cutting Arboretum
(Long Island, N.Y.), cont'd.

The trails are very serene (and if you don't notice it, there is a crow launching in flight off the fence).
Along a trail

Perhaps the most frenetic inhabitants of the arboretum are the Canadian geese, such as the fellow below honking wildly while coming in for a landing, in the Connetquot River (or estuary if you wish to be accurate) which borders the grounds.
Goose coming in for landing

The geese have become year-round visitors, since they know a good arboretum when they eat one. Yes, they busily keep all the lawns cropped close.

For the most part, though, dozing is a natural such as the mute swan below, casually drying its wings.
Drying swan

And for people who enjoy a good laze, there are plenty of benches with views.

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