An overview of
Lookoutnow MiniGOLF
via a Four Screen Shots

The following screen shots are 25 percent the actual game screen size and are shown with a reduced color palette, for ease of download.

The game begins with a 6-second animation (only seen in the download version), which can be skipped over by pressing the start button.
The opening page allows you either to set up a one- or two-player game or to practice any of the six standard holes. There is also a seventh bonus hole, which comes into play if (1) a single player scores the six holes under par or (2) two players are tied after six holes and the bonus becomes a sudden-death playoff.

To play a complete game, you must enter a name, but note that nothing is saved outside the game itself; nothing in this game will be written anywhere. Names aren't used to practice a hole, and high scores aren't kept from a practice session.

High scores are kept for each gaming session, but you can always clear them from this screen.

The instructions on this page are accessible throughout the game by pressing the h key; you also remove them by pressing the h key.
Hole 4 shows the help screen active, as well as general features of the course. The game is played on an 800- by 600-pixel screen, which allows a fair-sized area. The power bar is seen at about 40 percent active.
Hole 4
Hole 7 is the bonus: Note the bombs (with a fuse animation): Hitting a bomb sends the ball back to the tee and the area of the bomb becomes a lake. Hit a ball into a lake and you end up back at the tee.

Whereas in a two-player game when the high-scoring player goes first and plays until sinking the ball, for hole 7 (the sudden death), each player alternates turns. Thus the first player has the standard ball, and the second player a purple one. When it is the first player's turn, the position of the oponent's ball is marked by a purple X. When it is the second player's turn, the position of the first player's ball is marked by a yellow X, as shown below.
Hole 7
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March 24, 2004: Play 18 Holes Plus online or download 36 Holes Plus (freeware).

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