On 2 May 1998


An Icelandic Horse Ride

3: Bjartur and Me

Bjartur and me

If I look at all comfortable, it is because under my rain parka I had a thinsulate vest, a heavy sweater, and then a turtleneck.

During the course of the day, Bjartur's coat changed from a smooth beige to striations, which is the basis for the background tile on these pages.

Whatever, it was a great day, and Bjartur must be one of the most cooperative horses going. In general, though, Icelandic horses appear very social. During the ride any number of free horses came over to greet us, such as the one with the gray face in the photo above.

Special thanks to Hródmar Bjarnason for identifying Linda Ahlgren and himself, as well as the correct names of the horses that Sue and I rode on.

Also, Eldhestar has its own set of pages that are well worth visiting.


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